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Supporting Women on International Woman's Day!

Supporting women in the media industry, and how you can help

Happy National Woman’s Day! Women In Streaming Media strives to increase diversity and visibility in the streaming media industry by recognizing women leaders.

Women in the media industry like many others, not only make significantly less than their male counterparts but are rarely even considered for executive level positions. The chances are far less likely if she happens to be a woman of color. While we advocate for ourselves, we can encourage our male coworkers who truly wish to help to do the same! When more women are seen in higher positions, it will influence other companies to follow suit.

What is Allyship?

Allyship comes in many forms, whether it is simply putting in a good word for a position or advocating for a woman’s idea. During a meeting in which the woman has the floor  a simple “don’t interrupt, let her finish” can go a long way to ensuring she is supported.

How can I become a WSM ally?

Visit the WSM tabs and click the one marked ALLYSHIP. You can then fill out the form to either become a WSM ally or join the WSM allyship team. You'll get a chance to contribute to a positive transformation that benefits not only the individuals involved, but also the entire community, improving interactions and relationships.

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