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Mentorship Program



Many women lack access to mentors who can help provide an edge to compete on an uneven playing field. The Women in Streaming Media Mentorship program pairs powerhouse women executives in the streaming space with women looking to springboard to their next level. Mentors remind women to bet on themselves.”


- Megan Wagoner, WSM BOD & Mentorship Founder


Through education, EMPOWERMENT and connection, The WSM Mentorship Program SUPPORTS professional women in streaming media who aspire to be enriched through mentoring and networking.

Why Join the WSM Mentoring Program?

The WSM Mentorship Program is a platform for professional women in streaming media technologies who aspire to be enriched through mentoring and networking.

It is a 6 month free program pairing mentors and mentees from across the globe to take part in 1:1 one hour bi-weekly check-in meetings.

June 2023 was our 5th cohort. Over the last 5 years, we have paired 75 mentors and mentees and seen 75% go onto be promoted, with 30% of these being levelled up to executive/ c-suite.


Embrace the Power of Mentoring: Promote awareness and understanding of the pivotal role mentoring plays in career development.


Bridging the Gap: Facilitate mentoring relationships for WSM members, especially in situations where mentoring may not be readily available.


Meaningful Professional Development: 

Offer enriching opportunities for WSM members to engage in impactful professional development activities.


Cultivate a Resilient Network: Build lasting connections that strengthen the  perception of Women in Streaming Media and foster a supportive community.


Elevate Professionalism: Empower mentees to elevate their professionalism, boosting their chances of career promotions and advancement.


Unparalleled Support System: Provide access to a robust network and support system to facilitate the professional and career growth of our WSM members.


Unlock the Secrets of Career Success: Arm WSM members with invaluable knowledge of career success factors and the significance of nurturing career networks.


Fostering Knowledge Sharing: Promote the exchange of insights and expertise among our WSM community.


Nurturing Future Leaders: Develop emerging talent, fostering the growth of future WSM leadership, keynote speakers, and industry thought leaders.

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