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Empowering Change: Women in Streaming Media Honoured at IBC 2023 Awards

Women in Streaming Media's Mentorship Program has received the coveted 2023 IBC Social Impact Special Award.

Over the past five years, the Women in Streaming Mentorship Program lies has paired accomplished women executives with emerging talents resulting in 30% of participants ascending to C-suite roles and 75% securing promotions. This isn't just mentorship; it's a catalyst for tangible, lasting progress..

This recognition underscores the program's transformative influence. By supporting and empowering women, the program shows the industry-altering potential of diversity. This isn't just a victory for the program; it's a collective win for women smashing boundaries in the streaming media sector.

But the celebration doesn't end there. Women in Streaming Media has also been shortlisted in the Diversity category of the Corporate Star Awards at IBC.

We thank @IBC for recognising and spotlighting WSM's industry impact. Together, we're breaking barriers and smashing glass ceilings.

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